Announcement: What is Bulletin Digest?

Bulletin Digest is a monthly compilation of the best church bulletin articles from around the United States. We publish approximately 30 articles each month, along with poems, humor, and graphics like puzzles and clip art. What is Bulletin Digest used for? Articles from Bulletin Digest are republished by over 700 congregations each (more…)

Dying Wedding Vows

Dying Wedding Vows Remember when “honor and obey” was a standard part of wedding vows? Then, the feminist movement said, “No way will I vow to obey my husband!” Today, you rarely hear a couple using this worthy vow to recognize and accept the roles and relationships God established in marriage (more…)

Seeing Jesus

Seeing Jesus It has often been noted that the resurrection of Jesus had a life-altering effect upon the apostles and other disciples. Jesus had predicted that His arrest and subsequent death would cause the disciples to desert Him (Matt. 26:31) and they would be overcome with sorrow (John 16:20). They do indeed scatter—they (more…)

Growing By Going Beyond

Growing by Going Beyond Introduction. We have all seen a toddler crawling around a room, eagerly eying furniture that can be used for leverage when the time comes for “pulling-up.” We have also seen, that toddler reach the pull-up stage and move to walking “with no holds.” We rightly praise and (more…)


Commitment In the book, Driven from Within, Michael Jordan (Hall-of-Fame basketball player) recounts an event from his life that exemplifies just how committed he was to the things that were important to him. Jordan asked to borrow a jacket from a friend before they went out to have dinner together. He (more…)